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Toilet Paper Substitutes

Picture of Empty Toilet Paper Roll

As per recent events, toilet paper has become a hot commodity. With the spread of COVID-19, communities panicked. Normal shopping routines became a thing of the past, and chaotic mad-dashes towards essential products emerged. The supermarket became apocalyptic, as well-stocked shelves turned into desolate, empty aisles. People began buying everything they could get their hands on, hoarding items by the masses. Especially one essential product—toilet paper—leaving those late to the stock-piling trend paperless.

If you are on your last roll, here are toilet paper alternatives that won’t compromise your plumbing:

Try Repurposing Paper Goods

If you are approaching your last square of toilet paper, its time to think about repurposing other paper products. Most of your options won’t be flushable; however, there is one item that can go down your drain—toilet seat covers! Even though they are thinner than your normal ply, toilet seat covers will meet your needs. Yet, these may be hard to come by.

Other alternatives include paper towels, napkins, and tissues; be that as it may, these items will compromise your plumbing system if you flush them down your toilet. Paper products such as these are not manufactured to decompose in your plumbing network as toilet paper is made to, and will cause clogs. If you need to use paper alternatives, make sure you throw them into the trash after use.

Install a Bidet

Although bidets are not widely used in the United States, they are extremely popular in Europe, South America, and Asia. They are great for reducing paper waste and prove to be an effective way to freshen up after a trip to the bathroom. With a bidet, toilet paper becomes unnecessary.

How do they work? Bidets are water appliances that come with luxury toilets, or that can be installed in any toilet, that spray water to clean users after toilet use. With bidet installation, you won’t have to worry about purchasing toilet paper for the rest of the pandemic, or really ever again.

Grab A Washable Towel

If you are truly in a pinch, washable cloths can replace toilet paper. Recognizably, this is not the most desirable solution to the toilet paper shortage; however, it will work. Washable towels will just need to be cleaned after each use, which can become overwhelming; yet, this is better than nothing.

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