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We’re excited to announce we’ve joined the Wind River Environmental family of plumbing and septic services. Our local team of plumbers and septic technicians will now have even greater support so we can better service you 24/7/365. With any growth comes some changes and we wanted to communicate to you, our valued customers, that these changes are being made to provide better service around the clock. When you call us you now, following our Brownie’s greeting, you will now have the option to direct calls for businesses and home services. In addition to our local team, your calls will be answered by a Wind River Representative 24/7/365, day AND night.

Piping & Repiping


For All Your Piping Needs Our Central Florida Plumbers Have Got You Covered

Adding new piping or replacing your old pipes is one of the biggest jobs in plumbing, but it's also one of the most valuable in terms of benefit and longevity. Re-piping your whole system (or a section of your system) brings the overall quality of your plumbing system up to date and eradicates any issues with leaks and corrosion you might have had. If you've been dealing with frequent water, drain, or sewer leaks, constant low pressure, or other piping issues, Brownie's Septic & Plumbing can solve all your problems.

Our Orlando plumbers have over 70 years of experience serving homes and businesses in Central Florida. Our approach to plumbing for remodeling or re-piping has made us the premier provider of septic and plumbing services in the region. Our clients include the giants of the hospitality and restaurant industries because we provide the reliable, affordable, and immediate service people need.

 In short, you can trust us to make your life worry-free. Call Brownie's at (407) 890-0116 or contact us online to schedule an appointment with our Orlando pipe repair experts.

Signs Pipe Repair is Needed

1. Cracked wall paint - When you have a modest leak, it may not be enough for a water stain that'll bleed through your dry wall, but it could be enough water pressure to crack your wall's paint.

2. An unusually high water bill - If you have a water bill that's higher than normal but you haven't changed your water consumption, it's possible you have a leak and should contact our Orlando pipe repair experts.

3. The musky smell of mold or mildew - Mold and mildew grow when there's standing water with little to no ventilation so the inside of your wall or ceiling are very susceptible should there be a leak.

4. A visible water stain - The best scenario is that the leak happens in an area that will produce a visible water stain because then you can call our Orlando piping specialists and get it fixed right away.

5. The water meter test - If there's ever any doubt that you have a leak you can always test by turning off all your water and heading to your water meter. If the dial isn't at zero then there's a water leak somewhere.

Benefits of Professional Maintenance for Piping Systems

Regular maintenance of your plumbing system can help prevent costly repairs and extend the lifespan of your pipes. Our team of experienced plumbers can provide preventative maintenance services to keep your pipes in top condition. By scheduling routine inspections and maintenance, you can catch potential issues early and avoid major plumbing emergencies.

Benefits of preventative maintenance for your pipes include:

  • Early detection of leaks or corrosion
  • Improved water pressure and flow
  • Reduced risk of pipe bursts
  • Increased lifespan of your plumbing system
  • Peace of mind knowing your pipes are in good condition

Contact us today to schedule preventative maintenance for your plumbing system and avoid costly repairs down the line.

Dealing With a Burst Pipe?

If you’re experiencing a burst pipe, you should act immediately. Shut off the water at the main valve along with cutting off your electricity. Doing these two things will help to prevent further damage to your home. 

Next, you will want to locate the source of the burst pipe. Once the burst pipe is located, call an emergency plumber to handle the repairs. While waiting on the plumber to arrive, you should begin to clean up any water from your floors to avoid extensive water damage. If there is already damaged items, document them with photos for your insurance adjuster.

The Signs You Need New Pipes

Any new or replacement piping job begins with your inspection. Because we believe in making clients happy for life, we make sure that our service is as affordable and cost-effective as possible. In other words, we don't want you to replace your pipes unless you really have to. If that's your best option, our construction plumbers have the industry experience to install your new pipes quickly and flawlessly.

You may need our Orlando repiping services if you're seeing the following on a consistent basis:

  • Low water pressure - It's difficult to pinpoint why your may be losing water pressure. It could just be a clog in your plumbing, or possibly your pipes have leaks. Call our plumbing team for expert help.
  • Brown or yellowish water - Discolored water is normally a cause for concern. If you notice that it's brownish or a dark color, this is a result of corrosion in your pipes, which leaves rust as the water runs through them. If this isn't address, the pipes can eventually burst.
  • Frequent leaks all over your system - Decaying pipes will cause leaks to happen more frequently. As the rust results in pipes that have literally rusted away to nothing.
  • Whistling or banging in your pipes - This could just be a valve that has a bad gasket or washer. But, if the noise is coming from your pipes, that may be due to the water turbulence being too high. If it isn't a valve, contact one of our expert Orlando repiping technicians for help.

If your pipes are simply old, corrosion is what would cause rust-colored water. As long as your soil can accommodate it, copper piping is a long-lasting and high-quality replacement possibility. Otherwise, you may need CPVC (plastic) pipes. Whatever you need, our Orlando repiping pros can help.

Calculating The Cost of Repiping Services

One of the biggest differences between pipe repair and repiping services is the cost of the job. But when repiping is necessary, pipe repair is more expensive when you consider a repiping job is an inevitability. The following four variables determine the price of your repiping service.

1. Proactive or reactionary measure - If your in need of new pipes because something burst, then time is of the essence and you likely need water damage restoration as well. When you're reacting you'll be spending more money because of all of the additional pressure the circumstances apply on the job.

2. The severity of the problem - Not all repiping services have to replace all of the pipes in your Orlando home. There are partial repiping services if only one portion of your piping network needs to be replaced.

3. The size of your house - The bigger the house, the more pipes you'll need to adequately get water to every corner of your home.

4. The material of your new pipes - The different materials have different advantages and disadvantages and run at different rates.

Call Brownie's at (407) 890-0116 today to schedule your Orlando repiping service!



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    - S. Jones
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    - Ian L.
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