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3 Spooky Signs Your Septic System Needs Repairs

Picture of Girl Entering Scary Home

When it comes to getting into the Halloween spirit, your entire home is usually transformed, top to bottom. From the front porch decor to the hanging skeleton in your living room—your home becomes haunted for the holidays. However, we all hope that any and all scary sounds and visuals come strictly from our decor. But sometimes, we aren’t so lucky. If you start to notice any of these suspiciously realistic Halloween themed signs, your septic system likely is at fault and is in need of repairs:

You Smell A Spooky Stench

If you start to smell sewage anywhere around or in your home, something is not right. Any unpleasant sewage odors seeping out of your system indicates that your drain field needs repairs. A septic system that is operating properly remains airtight, keeping all gases, liquids, and solids within your pipes and tank. A break in this system will manifest as a strong, putrid stench and should be addressed asap to prevent any further progression of the problem into a sewage backup.

Your Grass Looks Swampy

If you walk around your yard and notice standing water or unusually muddy terrain, your lawn is trying to tell you that you have a leak in your septic system. However, early signs of septic trouble actually present at the other end of the spectrum. Atypically green grass indicates the start of a small leak. And although you may think this is a benefit, the grass is not greener at the end of this scenario. Letting a leak go unrepaired will result in lawn and home damage. If you notice any shifts in your front yard, contact your local plumbers as soon as possible!

Your Drains Have Entered The Danger Zone

Have your drains begun to back up? Notice that wastewater is starting to flow the wrong way in your plumbing? Have trouble draining your sink after washing your hands? These are all signs that your drains have entered the… dun dun dun...danger zone. If you are experiencing slow drainage or consecutive clogging, your septic system may have a blockage. You’ll need to schedule drain cleaning to restore proper flow in your plumbing system.

For septic system services, contact Brownie's Septic and Plumbing, LLC at (407) 890-0116. We are here to ensure that your plumbing doesn’t spook you this season.

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