How to Maintain Your Septic Tank

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Maintaining Your Septic Tank

Hidden underground and operating on its own, it may seem like you can just forget about it. But your septic tank needs care and maintenance to work properly.

How can you maintain your tank without having direct access? Actually, your daily habits and what you do inside your home are the most significant ways to do this.

Proper Waste Disposal

When you dispose of waste in your home, it all goes to your septic tank. So what you put down your drains matters. For example, avoid putting these items down your drain:

  • Coffee grounds
  • Oil/grease
  • Rice/pasta
  • Stringy vegetables
  • Chemicals and paint
  • Hair
  • Paper products and “flushable” wipes

When these items go down your drain, they not only put you at higher risk for a clog but can even cause problems in your septic tank.

When you pour chemicals down the drain, especially antibacterials, it can hinder the ability of bacteria to break down waste in the tank. This is a crucial process that allows solid items to fall to the bottom and liquids to exit through the drain field. Without the separation, the pipe leading to the drain field can clog.

Water Management

Watching your water use will help keep your septic tank in working order. Since tanks are sized and pumped based on household size and usage, draining too much water can overwork the system and cause problems.

Fix any leaks that you may have, and make sure water sources are turned off when not in use. You can also upgrade to a high-efficiency toilet, which helps conserve water when flushing. And try to use your dishwasher to clean dishes as much as possible, as it uses significantly less water when compared to hand washing.

We’re Here to Pump Your Septic Tank

From pumps to repairs and replacements, Brownie's Septic and Plumbing, LLC is the best choice for Florida families looking to take care of their septic tanks. Call us today at (407) 890-0116 for more information on our septic services.

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