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How It Works: Hydro-Excavation

High pressure water up close

Have you ever heard of hydro-excavation? If not, don't worry. Many people don't know what it is or why it's useful. Hydro-excavation is an excavation method that uses high-pressure water and powerful suction to break up soil and debris. It is popular for commercial plumbers and contractors when dealing with tight spaces or delicate work. Let's dive in and learn more!

What Is Hydro-Excavation

As mentioned above, hydro-excavation involves using pressurized water and an industrial vacuum to safely dig around any infrastructure that may be present, such as:

These two components work together to break up the soil before the vacuum collects it for disposal. This excavation eliminates heavy machinery entirely, making it much faster and easier than traditional excavation methods.

What Are The Benefits of Hydro-Excavation?

More Efficient

Speed is the most significant benefit of this excavation method compared to other methods, such as manual or mechanical digging. A hydro-excavator can dig a trench in less than half the time it takes most manual laborers and significantly faster than any mechanical excavator.

Reduced Noise and Air Pollution

It also produces less noise than other methods, making it great for residential jobs. Additionally, because hydro-excavators use water instead of air pressure to break up the soil, they generate almost no dust or dirt clouds which helps prevent unnecessary contamination from spreading throughout the area.

Faster Cleanup

Finally, since all debris from the job site is sucked into the truck before being disposed off site, rather than having to be manually loaded into separate containers, hydro-excavation saves time on clean up too!

In summary, hydro-excavation is a powerful tool that helps commercial plumbers when digging near utility lines or other infrastructure projects. Not only does it create a safer work environment without compromising speed or efficiency, but it also significantly reduces labor costs.

Suppose you're looking for an efficient way to excavate tight spaces without risking damage to existing structures or utilities, or you want something quieter than your typical heavy machinery. In that case, hydro-excavation might be what you need! Contact our experts at Brownie's Septic and Plumbing, LLC to learn more about our hydro-excavation services. (407) 890-0116

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