Ho-Ho-Holiday Plumbing Tips

Brownie's Septic & Plumbing

It’s the most wonderful time of year, which means you have family coming to visit from out of town. More people using your showers, toilets, and sinks creates more potential for plumbing issues.

Here’s how to get through the holidays without clogs, backups or other plumbing mishaps.

Shield Your Drains

Using plastic or wire-mesh drain traps in your kitchen and bathroom can help you avoid clogs. Drain traps collect hair, food particles, and other yucky stuff before it can make its way down into the pipes.

Clear Your Drains Beforehand

If you haven’t had your drains professionally cleaned, now might be a great time. Even if you’re careful to protect your drains with traps, small particles can still get through and form blockages over time. A professional plumber will use hydrojetting or other methods to purge your plumbing system of gunky buildup, maintaining free-flowing drains.

Determine a Shower Schedule

If a large group of people is staying at your home, negotiating shower times will take some work. If possible, have your guests wait 15 minutes between showers. This will give your water heater time to replenish. That way, everyone will get the hot shower they desire, and you won’t overburden your appliance. Even better, upgrade to a tankless water heater and never worry about running out of hot water again.

The holiday season should be special. If you’re worried that a plumbing problem might ruin your gathering, contact Brownie’s Septic & Plumbing today at (407) 890-0116. We’ve been serving the Orlando community since 1948. We’re prepared to make sure your plumbing is in excellent condition before your holiday celebration.

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