What Is Hydro Excavation?

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Imagine digging with water. It’s kind of hard to picture, isn’t it? However, hydro excavation is a process used by the best plumbers to unearth pipelines with as minimal disruption as possible.

It is especially useful for areas that have underground utilities because the digger is less likely to harm the pipelines or electrical wires. The entire process involves using pressurized water to remove soil.

How It Works

High-pressure water cuts through the soil and breaks it apart. Then a vacuum or air conveyance system transfers debris or soil to a debris tank. This technique allows the pressurized water to safely excavate soil around underground utilities. The slurry is lifted away from the excavation area so that the hole gradually grows larger.

For hydro excavation to work, it needs a vacuum system. This generally involves a positive displacement blower or a fan system. With a displacement blower, air is able to move longer distances than it can with a fan system. While excavation is slower, it can occur at a greater depth. Meanwhile, a fan system is easy to control, lighter and cheaper. It is typically used for faster excavations.

The Benefits of Hydro Excavation

Originally, hydro excavation became popular in Canada. Because Canada is so cold, the soil freezes and makes excavation projects much harder to do. By using hydro excavation, contractors were able to heat the water and finish their projects.

This technique is especially useful for finding underground utilities. Other techniques can break pipes, harm power lines or cause dangerous accidents. When someone uses hydro excavation, they are able to minimize harm to the utility systems.

Hydro excavation is also useful for reducing accidents and injuries. It is more efficient for digging. In addition, hydro excavation provides contractors with better safety and damage control. The design of this system means fewer repairs are necessary. Because of all of these reasons, hydro excavation often provides lower costs, cheaper insurance premiums and better profitability.

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