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We’re excited to announce we’ve joined the Wind River Environmental family of plumbing and septic services. Our local team of plumbers and septic technicians will now have even greater support so we can better service you 24/7/365. With any growth comes some changes and we wanted to communicate to you, our valued customers, that these changes are being made to provide better service around the clock. When you call us you now, following our Brownie’s greeting, you will now have the option to direct calls for businesses and home services. In addition to our local team, your calls will be answered by a Wind River Representative 24/7/365, day AND night.

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Be proactive this summer and avoid summer plumbing problems from interrupting your fun in the sun! Follow these Brownie’s Septic & Plumbing summertime tips to prevent a plumbing fiasco from pulling you away from your poolside happy hour.

Here’s how to protect your plumbing this season:

Look For Leaks

You’ll want to individually inspect each plumbing feature both inside and outside of your home. From your faucets to your piping, and from outdoor spigots to your water softener, make sure all operation and appliances look like they are in good working order.

If you see rust, corrosion, pooling water, or signs of cracking or leaking, immediately take note and contact your local plumbing technician for repairs. Never leave moisture build-up or a leak unattended, as these can quickly develop into mold or cause further water damage to your property.

Additionally, leaking systems will increase your monthly utility bill. If you notice an unexpected or unexplainable spike in your water statement, this is a clear sign you have a leak on your hands. Make sure you keep track of your water costs month-to-month to keep undetected leaks from going unnoticed.

Check Your Sprinkler System

Clean your sprinkler heads at the beginning of the summer and inspect each head for any broken or rusted parts. If you find any damaged sprinklers, replace them before you being using your system!

As sprinklers can spring leaks underground, it is also important to keep an eye on your grass and your utility costs. If you notice dead patches of grass or increases in your water bill, have your system checked by a professional. Underground leaks can lead to detrimental foundational damage.

Man Your Garbage Disposal

Summer brings everyone home! Your kids are out of school, which means your refrigerator is experiencing higher traffic than normal. Which, subsequently means that your garbage disposal is too. Make sure you keep a close eye on what is being rinsed down your disposal. Remember to keep these key items out of your garbage disposal to prevent breakdowns.

Test Your Sump Pump

If you run on a sump pump, test out your system before summer storms arrive. Here’s what you need to do:

Step 1: Make sure you have an active power supply and that your sump pump is turned on.

Step 2: Pour a bucket of water into your pump. The network should turn on and begin to process the water. If it appears to be working properly, you can remove the water!

It is important to check that your flood protection system is operating as it is intended, as you don’t want any water from summer thunderstorms to make its way towards your foundation. If you do not have a sump pump and believe your home would benefit, as it had flood-prone areas, contact us for sump pump installation!

Practice Water Conservation

Not only will following these water-saving actions help you become more eco-friendly, but they will also save you money! Reducing your water consumption will positively impact your monthly water costs, driving them down significantly.

Here are some easy ways to start saving:

  • Turn your water off while brushing your teeth! This can save up for four gallons per brush!

  • When washing your hands, lather up with soap before turning your water on!

  • When remodeling and replacing home plumbing appliances, purchase items with the WaterSense label. This will indicate that the toilet, water faucet, or plumbing fixture runs with high efficiency and follows low-flow guidelines.

  • Take your car to a car wash rather than washing it yourself! Professional car washes recycle water, making the entire process less wasteful.

  • Put your sprinkler system on a timer!

  • Practice preventative plumbing maintenance!

For your plumbing maintenance this summer, contact Brownie's Septic and Plumbing, LLC at (407) 890-0116! We are here to help keep your home running efficiently!

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