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The Water Heater Debate: Traditional vs. Tankless

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Should You Go Traditional or Tankless?

Whether you opt for a traditional water heater or you decide to go tankless, both options will provide the same service: supplying your home with hot water! However, it is important to consider the handful of pros and cons unique to each style of water heater, so that you pick the right water heater for your lifestyle. Here is your guide to participating in the water heater debate:

What is a Traditional Water Heater?

Traditional water heaters heat your water within an insulated storage tank. On average, a traditional water heater holds between 30-50 gallons of water, heating and reheating that water so it is ready when you call upon it.

Pros and Cons

What is the main advantage of choosing a traditional water heater? It’s relatively low purchase price as well as installation cost. So, if you are in a temporary home, this water heater is the budget-friendly option you are looking for!

Although this water heater comes at a great price, it will cost you in utilities. Traditional water heaters are less efficient than tankless water heaters, as they perform consistent heating cycles to make up for the standby heat loss that inherently occurs through the tank. Additionally, there is a limited reserve of hot water available at any given time; however, if your hot water demand is low, this will not affect you.

If you have a large family, a traditional water heater may not be the right choice—check out what a tankless water heater has to offer.

What is a Tankless Water Heater?

Often referred to as ‘on-demand’ water heaters, tankless water heaters increase your water temperature by running it through a heating mechanism when you turn on your faucet, shower, or appliance. Rather than having hot water on reserve, your water is heated up for you right when you need it!

Pros And Cons

While tankless water heaters have a higher price tag when it comes to purchasing and installing the unit, you actually end up saving money in the long run due to its high energy efficiency. Why are tankless water heaters more efficient? Because they remove the possibility for standby heat loss!

Tankless units will last longer than traditional water heaters as they do not have to work around the clock to heat your water—your hot water is created only when you need it.

If you are in your forever home and currently use a shower schedule to allow everyone living at home to avoid a cold bath or shower, it is time to switch to a tankless unit!

Whether a traditional or tankless water heater is the best fit for you, our Orlando water heater service technicians are here to install your new unit. For all your water heater installation and maintenance needs, call Brownie's Septic and Plumbing, LLC at (407) 890-0116. Get your free estimate, today!

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