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3 Reasons Your Water Pressure is Low

A person holding their hand under a sink faucet

3 Reasons Your Water Pressure is Low

We often get so accustomed to things in our home that we really only notice when they’re gone. Water pressure is one of those things — you may not have noticed it before, but now that it’s mysteriously dropped, you’re racking your brain trying to figure out why.

As plumbing experts, we’ve seen this quite a few times, and we’re breaking down a few of the top reasons why you may be experiencing low water pressure.

A Clogged Fixture

Sometimes, water pressure issues are localized to a specific fixture, like a showerhead or faucet. In this case, there may be something impeding water flow through the opening, often limescale or other buildups.

Try cleaning out the fixture by using a vinegar solution to dissolve limescale. If you have hard water, you’ll be doing this more often and may notice other issues with your plumbing system.

You Have a Leak

Leaks are another common cause of low water pressure, although they may be difficult to find at first. Leaks aren’t always the obvious dripping from the ceiling or bursting pipe you may think.

In order to pinpoint if this is the issue, see if you can find other signs that a leak is present, like discolored ceilings, walls, or floors, extra-lush patches of grass on your lawn, or a spike in your water bill. If still unsure, contact your local leak detection expert to fix the problem ASAP.

Closed Water Valve

This may sound silly, but it’s a common occurrence. Have you checked your water valve recently? If it’s not completely open, you may be losing out on water pressure. If you recently had to close off the water for any reason, you may not have opened it all the way back up.

Start by checking the valve near the fixture you’ve experienced low pressure, then move up to your home’s main shutoff valve.

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