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Why You Shouldn’t Flush Wipes

A person placing a wipe into a toilet

Don’t Flush Wipes!

In an effort to establish an alternative cleaning method to traditional toilet paper, many people have turned to “flushable” wet wipes that are meant for the bathroom. Though these wipes are advertised as acceptable for toilets and the sewer or septic system they may be a part of, this is actually not the case.

Whether “flushable” or baby wipes (or any other cleaning wipes for that matter), it’s best to keep them out of your toilet. Here’s more on why these wipes should not be flushed down the toilet.

Causing Clogs

Flushing wipes down the toilet will almost certainly cause a clog, as they are not built to break down as easily as toilet paper. Depending on the brand of TP you use, you may notice how brittle the paper is, and how it starts breaking down as soon as it’s exposed to water.

And even though the wipe goes down the toilet when you flush, it can still be an issue/ Wipes are a common cause of clogs in home plumbing systems, and depending on the location of the clog, it can become a costly problem to fix. Wipes can also clog your septic system, creating even more problems. It can also be a problem for municipal sewer systems.

Safe Alternatives

We’re not saying that you should never use hygienic or baby wipes. Simply, when finished, dispose of them in the trash instead of the toilet. This switch will save you headaches and money by avoiding clogs. Toilet paper and waste should be the only things going through your toilet pipes.

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