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Upgrades to Modernize Your Plumbing System

An electronic water sensor on a pipe next to a brick wall

Modernizing Your Plumbing System

Unless you built your home recently, you probably have an older plumbing system. And while plumbing pipes, fixtures, and appliances are built to last, you may not be getting the best performance, protection, or efficiency that you could.

So, whether you want to make some convenience or aesthetic improvements, or you need to repair items that are falling apart, here are some tips on getting your plumbing system up to modern standards.

Smart Solutions

With the advancement of technology, people may not realize that the improvements also apply to plumbing systems. “Smart” technology, or technology that is intuitive and can be controlled remotely, is a great tool to help fill in the gaps where manual systems don’t perform as well.

Water Valves

Your water valves are among the most important tools within your home. They allow you to control the flow of water, which is crucial when there is a leak, burst, or break in your pipes.

A smart water valve can detect these events on its own and cut the water supply immediately. They usually connect to an app on your phone, where you can also control the valve yourself. An automatic shutoff can help protect your home from water damage, while smart connectivity can give you greater knowledge over your home’s water pressure, flow rate, and more, allowing you to detect problems in advance.

Water Sensors

Also for water leaks, you can install water sensors around your home, mostly in locations where water leaks are most likely to occur (under sinks, near your water heater, etc.). These smart sensors can alert you when water is detected, allowing you to then turn off the water and fix the leak before it creates major problems.

Replacing Fixtures

Replacing your fixtures can be both an aesthetic and efficient choice. Changing out faucets and showerheads can give your bathroom or kitchen a fresh look, especially if you’ve changed other elements like the sink or vanity.

You can also take this opportunity to upgrade to low-flow or high-efficiency fixtures, which can help you save water during your common daily activities. You should also always replace fixtures that are broken, as they could be wasting water.

Bump Up Efficiency

Speaking of efficiency, modern plumbing systems are known for efficiency because technology continues to improve and allow us to get the same performance using less.


Your dishwasher is a powerful tool that really is a win-win. By washing dishes in the dishwasher, you can use significantly less water for a better clean, and it takes the dish-washing job off your shoulders!

If you have an older dishwasher, consider upgrading to one that is rated for high efficiency. These appliances will use even less water and electricity to get the job done, allowing you to kick back while a robot does the dishes (don’t worry, they probably won’t start talking).

Water Heaters

Your water heater is another area where efficiency is key. The downside to traditional storage tank heaters is that energy is wasted keeping water warm while you aren’t using it. To eliminate this waste, upgrade to a tankless water heater. Instead of having the water warm and ready, a tankless heater warms the water as you use it, cutting down on that wasted heat.

Consult with your local plumbing expert to see if a tankless water heater would benefit your home, or to discuss upgrades to your current tank water heater.

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