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Do You Need a Garbage Disposal?

A garbage disposal under a sink

Is a Garbage Disposal Necessary?

Garbage disposals are a popular tool used in homes across the country to help process solid waste and prevent drain clogs. They are often marketed as a fix-all, but a garbage disposal is most useful when used according to specific guidelines.

Before installing a garbage disposal, here is some more information on how it can be used and how it could fit in your home.

What a Disposal Can Do

A garbage disposal is meant to grind up solid food waste in order to allow it to flush down your drain. Without being ground, these solid items would quickly create a blockage in your pipes, and over time, possibly wear them down faster.

You can use a garbage disposal to process organic solid waste like fruits and some vegetables. You can also put small pits and bones down the disposal. These capabilities allow washing dishes and cleaning to be done quicker and easier.

Garbage Disposal Drawbacks

The reason garbage disposals are more work than worth it for some people is that there is a great deal that you can’t put down the disposal.

Here are some of the items you shouldn’t put down your garbage disposal:

  • Oils and grease
  • Stringy vegetables
  • Pasta and rice
  • Coffee grinds
  • Oyster or clam shells
  • Paper products

As you can see, great care must be taken to prevent clogging your drain or breaking your garbage disposal. In addition to the restrictions, you need to also keep up with maintenance and care in order to keep your unit working properly.

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