How a Smart Water Valve Works

A red water valve on a pipe

How a Smart Water Valve Works

Our homes are getting smarter every day. From smart light bulbs to smart thermostats, it’s now easier than ever to control the many aspects of your house.

A quieter but incredibly important home fixture is your main water valve. There are smart water valves on the market today that make controlling your home’s water flow easier. But more importantly, these devices can serve as a backup in case of an emergency. Here’s more on why smart water valves may be a good investment for your home and how they function.

How it Works

A smart water valve works similarly to other smart home devices. While exact specifications depend on the brand and model used, the general premise is largely the same. The valve is equipped to monitor your water flow, whether it be to a local fixture or to your entire household, and potentially shut off the supply in the event of a leak.

The device connects to an app on your phone, which you could use to turn the device on or off yourself, as well as receive notifications when certain events occur.

Why it’s Necessary

It may not seem like something that you’d really need. How often are you turning your water valve on and off? But the value actually comes from its use in improbable situations. An automatic shutoff could be a game-changer in the event of a burst pipe, small leak, or natural disaster.

In these cases, the valve would detect a change in the water flow and cut the supply before significant damage could be done. This saves you potentially thousands of dollars in damage to your home.

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