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What Happens During a Septic Pump

A septic hose entering a tank underground through an opening

What Happens During a Septic Pump

Your septic system requires regular maintenance in order to work properly and last as long as possible. One of the most important elements of maintenance is septic pumping.

A septic pump is a process by which a professional septic technician removes sludge and solid buildup from your septic tank. The sludge builds up over time as part of the waste removal process. The solid waste is left behind and broken down by naturally occurring bacteria, while the liquid waste moves out of the tank through your drain field.

When A Pump is Necessary

The average time frame to get a septic tank pumped is every three to five years. This will vary depending on your home size and usage. For households with more people, you may need to get a pump more often. You will also need to get your tank pumped if you do not properly dispose of waste. Any bacteria-killing products like bleach and other chemicals that have been dumped down your drain can hinder the ability of waste to break down, therefore causing it to pile up faster.

Another way to judge whether you need a pump is by measuring the waste collected at the bottom. A rule of thumb is to get your tank pumped once the sludge is about 30 percent of your tank’s capacity.

The Pumping

Your septic team will use a hose and pump system to remove the sludge and solid waste from your septic tank through the ground access point. They’ll move any covering for your tank cover and replace it when they are finished.

At Brownie's Septic and Plumbing, LLC, our trucks are designed to be able to pump your tank from your driveway or street, so it will minimize the disruption to your yard.

Septic Pump Services in Orlando and Beyond

When it’s time for your septic tank to get pumped, trust the professionals at . We’re equipped to efficiently and safely restore your septic tank to its ideal working condition.

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